Tapio Kinanen Law Offices provide business-related legal services through its offices in Finland and in Estonia.

  • We established our offices, in their present form, in Finland in 1984. We started providing services in Estonia in 1987.
  • We are specialists in the fields of taxation and financial administration, including public authority actions such as tax audits and tax appeals, as well as in matters concerning financial offences. Our financial administration team is ready to assist in all aspects of financial administration.
  • Our other fields of specialised expertise include company and contract law, labour issues, and the settlement of real estate and housing disputes.
  • Disputes can be settled in a court of law or – more frequently nowadays – by conciliation or arbitration. We have special training in alternative dispute resolution.


Transactions in real estate and housing markets can have unexpected consequences should a purchased property have quality defects, if there are uncertainties regarding occupancy rights, or if legal errors have occurred. This can result in a price reduction, compensation for damage or even annulment of the transaction. We only use building inspectors, civil engineers and research laboratories that are leaders in their fields to ensure a problem is handled correctly and professionally – in court, also, if necessary.
Ensuring a person suspected of financial offences receives full protection under the law calls for thorough knowledge of financial administration and taxation procedures.
Any suspicion of financial offences must always be treated seriously, and professional assistance should be sought at the very start of a preliminary investigation. Conviction of a financial offence can trigger other associated consequences, such as a ban on conducting business and aggressive foreclosure proceedings. Arranging a proper defence ensures that any criminal responsibility is justly apportioned.
Company law and contract law are basic building blocks in the corporate world. Contracts and agreements are essential elements in the business operations of corporate entities. Agreeing matters beforehand avoids later disputes, while alternative procedures for dispute resolution can avoid unwanted publicity and allow companies to concentrate on more business-critical needs.
Employment contracts are a part of a company’s active document library, and this requires continuous management. Expertise is needed to draft proper employment contracts and job-specific contracts of service. We can be of assistance in making and terminating employment contracts, and we can also help in change processes during an employment relationship. We assist in labour disputes in all lower and higher courts as well as in arbitration procedures.
Preparations for a tax audit should be made in good time with, for instance, a risk evaluation and proper documentation. When a tax audit results in reassessment proposals, adjustment claims or tax appeals, it is important that a company requests expert help from the very start. Through our expertise in taxation and accounting, we have been involved in numerous tax audits and handled taxation appeals in both lower and higher courts. Our financial administration team can assist in financial administration issues relating to tax audits whenever necessary.
The settlement of disputes through other procedures than a court ruling is growing in popularity. Arbitration is a faster and less expensive procedure than obtaining a court ruling. An agreement decided in the arbitration procedure is the result of negotiation between both parties and allows normal business relationships to be resumed. Our advocate is a trained arbitrator registered with the Finnish Bar Association (list of registered arbitrators, in Finnish only). Our advocate has been trained in the Finnish Arbitration Academy of Finland’s Central Chamber of Commerce. We are therefore experienced in the arbitration procedure both in the role of an agent for a party and as an arbitrator.

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